Sunday, 19 May 2013

MMM - Days 13-19

So we are now more than halfway through me-made-May! How are you all going?  I am on, but sorry starting to repeat now, so sorry if this is boring, I will put up new outfits separately so you can skip these if you are tired of the same clothes. Travelling severely limits the variety unfortunately, and the weather has not been as warm as I hoped, limiting me even more.

I have realised I need to make the following:
- capris
- a couple more skirts, and a better Kelly skirt, perhaps in denim
- a Minoru would make a great travel jacket if I can find the right fabric

So, on to what I wore:

Day 12
Touring in south Tennessee, such pretty country, I just love it down there!
Lorna Suzanne cardi and Old Navy jeans.

MMM'13 - Day 12

Day 13
Off to the Jack Daniels Distillery and more driving through the countryside, I wore my Sew for Victory dress, I love it, but seemed to be the only one wearing a dress in the area. It seemed like jeans were the uniform!

MMM'13 - Day 13

Day 14
Finally a warm day and I got to take a sundress out of my suitcase!  This is my Hazel dress blogged here.

MMM '13 - Day 14

Day 15 &16
Ok, I did wear me made on these days, but we arrived in San Francisco on the 15th and both the 15th and 16th were so cold that I had to layer so much that all me made was buried! This is how I looked for two whole days, cannot believe the wind in San Fran, it just rips through your clothes, but the locals seemed to think it was warm!

MMM '13 - Day 15 & 16

Day 17
Once out of the wind it was a pretty nice day. This photo taken out front of the "painted ladies" in San Francisco, I am wearing my BurdaStyle skirt and Papercut Coppelia cardi (to be blogged soon).

MMM '13 - Day 17

Day 18
Now on the drive from San Francisco to Monterey, such gorgeous scenery. Wearing the same outfit as day 12. Lorna Suzanne cardi and Old Navy jeans.

MMM '13 - Day 18

Day 19
Yay kinda warm today, so I am wearing my Colette Sorbetto and Mango jeans.

MMM '13 - Day 19

Whew! That's quite a catch-up, hopefully as we head further south I will be able to wear some different clothes to make it more interesting.


  1. love your oufits... and background! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Lizzie this is so funny! I also arrived in San Francisco on the 15th! (still here.) I missed you in Chicago and now I missed you here! D'oh!

  3. Lizzie.. You are looking really pretty each day.. Not boring at all.. Looks like your having lots of fun..
    In Tenn. , you were close to me, I am in Mississippi.. And I feel the same way, I look around and I am about the only one wearing a But, I love dresses and wear them anyway.
    Have fun on the rest of your holiday..

  4. Great shots! Great outfits too :)