Sunday, 2 June 2013

MMM - the final days and a couple of new things

Well MMM has now wrapped up, and whilst I like wearing me-made each day, it turns out for the most part I wear at least one me-made item each day, taking a picture of myself everyday is a little tedious.  I apologize in advance for the pics that all have the same backdrop.  I am now back in Brisbane and it turns out winter is well on the way and it is now dark at 5.30pm so I can't go outside to take pics.

Day 20
A bonus for you - two outfits today! One a new one, still not sure how I feel about it though. The top is a Sorbetto (free download don't ya know!), and the skirt a simple dirndl.


That evening I met up with Erin of MissCrayolaCreepy for ice cream in Arroyo Grande.  I had emailed her for some fabric shopping tips and she suggested we meet up. "Hell Yeah" I thought, what a fun opportunity.  Of course we talked sewing patterns, adjustments and blogging all over the most delicious ice cream!  I had Strawberry with a chocolate fudgy ribbon and Erin had one called Motoroil, a super chocolate-y one!  Yum-o!  If you haven't checked out Erin's blog, go do it, she has some lovely makes and is currently hosting a Gatsby Challenge.

It was a little cooler and I wanted to wear a cardi, so I wore my Spring has Sprung Hazel.

 photo courtesy of MissCrayolaCreepy
Day 21
Off to LA in my I Feel Pretty Hazel.  Here I am rummaging through fabric at The Loft where they sell fabric offcuts by the pound, and when I say offcuts they were mostly 5-10 yards a piece! I bought 9lb of fabric - go me!!

MMM '13 - Day 21

Day 22
Guess where we went today (in Colette Sorbetto blogged here):
MMM '13 - Day 22

Day 23
Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, wearing Tiramisu (appropriate perhaps??).

MMM '13 Day 23
Day 24
We had a super long day as our flight was not until 11.45pm. We filled most of the time in an Outlet Mall for some last minute shopping. This is a new top, a variation on the Banksia by Megan Nielsen.

Day 25 - Ha - we totally missed this day on our flight home!

Day 26 - No pics sorry, I was feeling super average after our long overnight flight. I can't even remember what I wore!!

Day 27
My Buttons are Expensive Dress
MMM'13 - Day 27

Day 28
Hmmm, black photographs so badly, I have tried lightening the photo, but now it looks like my top is see-thru!! It's not, but it is printed with little charcoal polka dots that reflect the flash. The skirt is my basic black made last year and blogged here.


Day 29
Breakfast meeting today so I had to look presentable, wearing Vintage Vogue 9463.

Day 30
More black - what can I say, it feels like winter today and the colour seems appropriate. Merino ruffle top and BurdaStyle skirt.

Day 31
Working at home today, yay, in my Hollyburn skirt, look out for two more soon!
MMM'13 Day 31
MMM Summary
So I really learnt about my wardrobe shortfalls this month, although perhaps it wasn't super indicative as I was away for most of the month and my travelling wardrobe is always different from what I wear day to day.  Not sure why this is, I guess the majority of my time is spent at work so I need work appropriate attire.  But being away made me really notice how many casual clothes I need to make. Tops and skirts will be the go before my next trip away, whenever that might be!! This week I have also noticed a desperate shortage of work appropriate winter wear. I have started on some of these items already and hope to blog them soon. 
Whew, so glad to not have to photograph myself everyday - that is hard work!!  How did you all go?


  1. What lovely clothes..
    hope you had a lovely vacation.. Looked like so much fun...

  2. You should have worn your red polka dots to meet mickey and minnie! :-) I love the colour of your hollyburn and your Hazel. Looks like a great trip!

  3. Glad you had such a fun trip! Your vacation clothes are so fun!