Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spring has Sprung Hazel

As my lovely followers will know I was in NYC recently and prior to my trip I just had to make a dres (one always needs new travelling clothes!).

Anyway I had picked up this cute cotton seersucker recently with the original intention to make a top, however I had 1.5 metres @ 150cm wide which is way too much for a top.  I was pretty confident I could get a dress out of that amount and the Hazel seemed perfect for the job!

As I was due to leave in two days, and had to go to work both of those days (damn having to work for a living!), I whipped this up super quick.  When I say "whipped up", I mean "no muslin, just cut, sew and hope for the best!".  In all truth, I don't tend to do muslins often at all, yeah, yeah, I know, but it has worked for me so far!


Due to my haste and lack of measuring, I did have a few issues with fit due to cutting the bodice a size or so too big. I ran the seams in a bit to get the bodice to fit better but I think next time I'll make more time to fit it better and will cut a size smaller in the bodice also.


Notice the gaping under the arms?  In saying this, the dress is super comfy so I don't mind too much and won't alter this one.


The experienced Hazel makers amongst you will notice I changed the skirt to pleated instead of gathered.  The gathers did me no favours as it stuck out funny and as one other blogger (can't remember who) noted recently, it made me look "pregnant in the front and back" - terrible.  The pleats are much more flattering I think.  I may try a fuller skirt next time.


The fashion fabric turned out to much sheerer than I thought so I lined the whole dress in a cotton batiste for modesty, plus this had the added bonus of not having to use facings!!  Brilliant - I don't like using facings because that normally requires hand-sewing and I am not a fan of hand-sewing. 


Sorry, I forgot the back photos, so here is another front one, I can assure you the back is just fine!


I finished the dress in time to take it away with me and was pleased to be able to show it off at the NYC Meet Up

I am now back in sunny Brisbane, and Spring has officially started, I know this will be a firm staple in my Spring/Summer wardrobe! Yay for Hazel!


  1. Lovely dress! And I must say I'm jealous that you can wear it, it's getting to cold in Canada to keep wearing my Hazel dress!

    1. Thanks! It is starting to get lovely and warm here now, soon we will be complaining it is too hot!

  2. fantastic job! It's all wonderful to pretty fabric, trimmingas and tayloring. Well done

    1. Thank you! I have been looking for the perfect project for the trim for a while now.

  3. You will be wearing this all summer - it certainly is warming up here in Brissy quickly! Love the dress, and I think the lining is actually much more 'wearer-friendly' than facings as well. So, did you have a chance to do any fabric shopping O/S????

    1. I did a lot of fabric shopping in NYC (see previous post on th meet-up). I now have so much fabric I am overwhelmed as to where to start!

  4. Bravo! Love the detailing of lace at the top and straps! I totally know what you mean about the gathers. I actually went back and unpicked my Hazel to convert the gathers to soft pleats after I'd worn it a couple times because the way it stuck out was much too uncomfortable for me LOL. As you did it, it's very flattering and pretty :)

  5. Love love love the dress and fabric choice!

  6. Absolultely gorgeous Hazel. The fabric really brings out the beauty of the pattern, and I love that trim.