Sunday, 16 September 2012

How big is too big?

I think I may have the answer to this here:


To the pattern's defence it was described as an "Oversized Top", but I think this may be going too far, it is ENORMOUS.

I used BurdaStyle pattern 07/2011#116A for this project as I wanted something simple that would show off the fabric.  I also wanted something loose fitting and comfy to just throw on in summer with shorts.


The fabric is a polyester georgette and whilst it falls beautifully I am still on the fence with this pattern.


- the pattern was super fast to make
- it is pretty comfy and cool for summer
- I love the fabric

- it drives me mad by constantly falling off one shoulder and therefore requires a strapless bra
- I am not sure it is overly flattering
- it is absolutely huge!!

What do you think? Do I refashion this into something else?



  1. I like it on you with your arms down. Though if you can't find a way to keep it on your shoulders (thread loops with a snap to go around your bra straps maybe?) then I would say make something else- nothing is worse than a strapless bra in hot weather.

    1. hmmm...good idea, didn't think of that, I will put some of those in shortly. Thanks :-)

  2. I love the fabric and it would be lovely and cool to wear in hot weather! Maybe you could think about adding some rows of elastic shirring if you want it more form fitting, it might help keep the shoulders on too (I hate strapless bras with a passion!)

  3. I like this style, and I love the fabric! But I would go bonkers having it slipping off my shoulder, too... hmm...

  4. I like it - it has a gorgeous floati-ness. Can the neckline be altered to keep it up? Or some ingenious kind of fastener to temporarily join it to your singlet perhaps?

  5. Hmm. Have you tried wearing it with tights or skinny jeans, belting it, and adding a pendant necklace to emphasize length? You might be able to get away with more of at tunic top look. I do love the bird fabric you used, hopefully you can salvage it or find a way to make it work!

  6. How gorgeous! I had that top traced out and ready to go and ummed and ahhed over it too much, maybe that over-sizedness put me off. Maybe if you have enough fabric left over add some extra panels in there, something to blend in with the kooky neckline so it looks like it was always meant to be there?

  7. I popped over to your blog from Sew Busy Lizzy's the other day but my computer was misbehaving so I wasn't able to comment then! On the subject of that one sleeve falling off, it does look rather nice and you'll be sure to need that coolness in the coming months. Do you think it might be possible to get a bra that you could wear with just one strap? I have some bras with adjustments that I think - think, mind you; I haven't actually tried this - might be adaptable to that. Or maybe with the strap attached right front and then diagonally to attach at left back (if adjustable)? I'll have to check to see if that's even possible, let alone a good idea; but if it does work, it could be a quick answer to your problem.

    1. Hmm...not sure...I know the bras you mean, but not sure how they are in practice. Currently I have been going with the 80s off the shoulder look with tank strap showing - it is actually ok and the top has grown on me (not literally, it is big enough!)