Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pompoms & trim

Sometime I make stuff for the house too - there is no way I will pay retail pricing for the stuff I see in the shops.  I made these pretty cushions using linen from my stash and trim I bought on a recent trip to Paris.  I love the pompoms - so cute.  As you can see they work really well with my decor.  I am super happy with them.  Is anyone else working on something to pretty up their home?

I am working on a couple of items of clothing soon, pics soon!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Bathroom Renovation

Aside from sewing, I also like to renovate, but this of course costs more money and so is a lot more slow going.  After a lot of hard work we have transferred our ugly, small, pale blue bathroom
into this masterpiece:

The photos above are from the same angle.  As you can see, we have removed a wall and cupboard to give us the space to separate the shower from over the bath.  A much safer option too.  I love the clawfoot bath, it is so lovely and deep!

I also love the lighting.  It took me ages to find this lighting but it was worth it in the end as the final result is gorgeous .

I designed the cabinet and had it made by a kitchen company - I love it and it is exactly what I envisaged.

We (hubby & I) did the demolition of the old bathroom, wall and cupboard. I did the design, shopping for supplies and the painting. We had tradesman do the rest.

Don't you just love when everything goes to plan and turns out just the way you imagined?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

1940s Failure

I decided that I would tackle this dress from the November 1948 Home Journal as I found some fabric that I thought would suit the design well.  Well I really should have done a muslin and for any future patterns from the Home Journal I think I will. I am really not a fan of muslins, they seem a little of a waste of time, however for the vintage patterns I think they are a must, at least until I learn the idiosyncrasies of these patterns.

Let's just say my version of this pattern was close to a disaster - it is so frumpy and the fit is terrible. 

I like the frill detail, but when it comes to construction, how am I supposed to set in a sleeve when the frill goes right to the edge of the shoulder?  It made it very tricky if near impossible.  Then the front of the dress is really wide and once gathered sticks out in unflattering places - do I want my boobs to look any bigger?   The shoulders are very sloping but broad.  So many issues that a muslin would have picked up...*sigh*

So the top of the dress after about an hour of unpicking, tucking, regathering and resewing actually sits ok, but with the skirt on is terrible.  I think the waist is slightly too high and too big but if I pull it in the skirt poofs out.  It is so unflattering I am not even going to show you a picture of me in it.  I showed my husband and he just said "oh" and then after a huge pause "it fits kind of weird" - I think this was his way of being diplomatic.

Here are some of the pattern pieces - unmarked but this is normal for the time.  Check out the shoulder slope on the back piece! 

It is too wide in the shoulders and bust (and I thought I would be busty enough!).  I am not happy with it and think I will re-cut it into something else. Maybe a skirt or I'll buy some more, keep the skirt and make a new top, perhaps similar but that fits correctly.  I am so frustrated I have thrown it into the corner.  Does anyone get these issues?

On the plus side - I did learn that if I was around back then I could have purchased literature that would make me taller - being 5'2" I think that would have been great.  Wonder what the literature said?  It was even offered with a guarantee.  I love ads from back then - amusing stuff!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My sewing space

I thought I would share with you all my sewing room - it is a work in progress to become the perfect sewing space (I would like a new bigger desk), but I love the colour - I painted it a soft blue with white trim - very calming and relaxing.

I was then gifted a voucher for my local quilting store and used it to buy the fabric to make this handy organiser which is next to my desk and holds all my essentials that need to be nearby, buttons, elastic, needles, bobbins etc.  Of course I have more stuff than that so see above baskets which are also filled with trims and buttons etc.  My stash is not particularly large at present and can be seen in the top right two cells of the unit above.

Here is my latest new toy - a rotary cutter and mat - why did I not buy one of these before now I will never know - what a time saver!

Monday, 21 May 2012

New Patterns!

The mail has just arrived - very exciting my patterns I ordered from the US are finally here.

Check them out - I can't wait to start making them.  Can anyone help me with the dates of any of them?  Does not matter too much as I love each of the designs especially the one with the ruffles.

I will hopefully be able to post my versions of these patterns soon.

Right now I am working on a 1940s dress for the Sew Weekly Challenge and a button back top of my own design.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Flowery & Girly

I made this dress last weekend and am pretty happy with it.  It is taken from a Burda magazine pattern (02/11).  I am not super happy with the fit, but my fault for not trying it on a million times and playing with it.  The shoulders are a bit wide for my liking, but perhaps I should have cut it a couple of sizes smaller in that area.  I altered the pattern to have the zip in the back rather than the side since it had pockets.  I like that the dress will be good in summer by itself and in winter with tights and a cardi.  I like the pattern and colour a lot so look out for a top soon in my left over fabric!

One thing I am not happy about is after I cut the dress and was most of the way through making it, I discovered the fabric has a flaw, right in the middle of the front.  I am sure no-one else will notice, or has since I started wearing it, but still it is frustrating. Also, not happy with the puckering under the bust.

Edit - wish I had seen this post from Ginger Makes, then I might not have given this a go...*sigh*

Last but not least, here is a picture of my gorgeous kitty Sundar - isn't he adorable?!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Seamless Pledge

I found this whilst surfing and thought what a great idea to keep me focussed.  I am sick of traipsing through the shops and either not finding anything I like, or alternately finding things I like but they are either badly made or they don't fit properly.

I pledge that I will make all my own clothes with the exception of underwear as I have not mastered bras and undies are super cheap anyway.  I would normally say with the exception of jeans too, but I have plenty and so this is a mute point!!  I pledge to do this for the rest of 2012 and will track my progress here.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

To Do List

Well I have decided I really should organise what I need to make, as opposed to the fun stuff that is pretty.  I need some functional items to extend my wardrobe and have created a list of what will enable me to wear some things that I don't wear enough.  Most are just basics to replace old things I have, but I want much nicer versions that are more me and not just RTW off the rack boring stuff that everyone has.
1.  A new black skirt
2.  A beige shirt
3.  Nice white blouse (Collette Violet)
4.  Black 3/4 sleeve blouse
5.  Black cardigan
6.  Some bright shirts to go with jeans e.g. red, turquoise etc cheerful for winter

These are in no particular order, but to remind me when I am looking for something to make that I should stay focussed and make the things that bother me when I go looking for them to complete an outfit.  Therefore I should end up less stressed and with a more versatile wardrobe.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

More Polka Dots seems I am a bit obsessed with spots right now.  I will have to try something new for my next project, although I do have some pretty blue and cream spot fabric that is calling to me from my stash!

This skirt is Simplicity 2698, it is so comfortable and the fit is really good - I am very happy with it and didn't have to alter the pattern much at all.  Although I think it is sized a bit big, I cut out the size that lined up with my measurements and had to take a couple of inches out of the waistband (not my skinniest point normally).  I will cut out a smaller size next time.

I love the pockets.

Monday, 7 May 2012

New Arrivals

I just received some new (well new to me) magazines for my collection. They come complete with the patterns from the front covers and I can't wait to make them.

I love the blue flowered dress - wonder if it would accentuate or hide my hips?

Both of these dresses are great:

Again, loving the blue dress - I really like the scallop front and collar:

Now to some fabric shopping and working out which to make first.  Winter is coming so something that will work with tights I think.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Addicted to Spots

This is my latest creation (Butterick 5088) - finally finished after months of sitting on my dummy.  I had several hurdles to completion, it took me ages to find buttons I was happy with and then it was hot over summer and so there was no motivation to finish it. 

Now is is getting colder at night in Brisbane I was finally motivated to complete it.  I love the sleeve detail and slightly retro feel.

It seems I have a fascination with spots right now having jsut bought black/white, red/white and blue/white fabrics for dresses and skirts.  I couldn't decide so bought them all.