Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Seamless Pledge

I found this whilst surfing and thought what a great idea to keep me focussed.  I am sick of traipsing through the shops and either not finding anything I like, or alternately finding things I like but they are either badly made or they don't fit properly.

I pledge that I will make all my own clothes with the exception of underwear as I have not mastered bras and undies are super cheap anyway.  I would normally say with the exception of jeans too, but I have plenty and so this is a mute point!!  I pledge to do this for the rest of 2012 and will track my progress here.


  1. Isnt this a great idea? I didn't actually take the pledge..however, I did mentally.. I have not bought any RTW items this year, with the exception of a sweater/cardigan, which was on sale.. I put it up for the fall..

  2. Hello! Just wanted to add a belated GOOD LUCK for the pledge! Hope it's going well so far :)