Sunday, 13 May 2012

To Do List

Well I have decided I really should organise what I need to make, as opposed to the fun stuff that is pretty.  I need some functional items to extend my wardrobe and have created a list of what will enable me to wear some things that I don't wear enough.  Most are just basics to replace old things I have, but I want much nicer versions that are more me and not just RTW off the rack boring stuff that everyone has.
1.  A new black skirt
2.  A beige shirt
3.  Nice white blouse (Collette Violet)
4.  Black 3/4 sleeve blouse
5.  Black cardigan
6.  Some bright shirts to go with jeans e.g. red, turquoise etc cheerful for winter

These are in no particular order, but to remind me when I am looking for something to make that I should stay focussed and make the things that bother me when I go looking for them to complete an outfit.  Therefore I should end up less stressed and with a more versatile wardrobe.

1 comment:

  1. This looks like a great to do list.. I need to make one.. I have lots of ideas floating around..Just need to get to sewing,ha. Happy sewing.