Monday, 16 July 2012

Wardrobe Basic - Black Skirt Completed

Part of my "to do list" for winter was to make a new black skirt to replace the sad faded RTW one I have.  This is made from Simplicity 2698 another Project Runway pattern.  I chose the option with the simple two pleats front and back and the top stitched waistband. (previously I made this in the full pleated version here)

I used a gabardine fabric whilst a nice weight for winter, my serger seemed to struggle with on the waistband. I guess with the overlapping waistband and the pleating overlap it was all too much for my little machine to cope!  Not to be defeated, I decided to finish the waistband seam with a cute polka dot bias binding.

Not sure if you can see the waist detail, but it is a nice touch I thought, although it does add a bit of bulk that I am not sure I need!

Closer detail of the waistband:

I used an invisible zipper and am still debating the wisdom of this on this weight fabric. As with so many invisible zips, it does not like the change in thickness through the seams.  Time will tell, I can always change it as the construction instructions had me putting it in at the end rather than encased within the waistband.

Oh, and if you were wondering where all the white fluff on the skirt comes from, here is the culprit:

Maybe I need to think through my future garment colour palette!


  1. I love the topstitching on the waistband and the skirt looks great on you!

  2. Nice skirt! I love the triple topstitching detail and the secret polka dots :)

  3. Lol, I have a white dog who does exactly the same to my clothes. Great job with the skirt, it's very flattering.

  4. I love that crossover on the waistband. Very nice!

  5. Looks like you did a great job the detail is great!! And it looks very pretty on you. :) P.S I would rather cat hair than pug hair on my clothes lol. I have pug hair all over my work chair and wondering how come there is sooo much there!