Sunday, 15 July 2012

Love Vintage

Yesterday I attended the Love Vintage Fair, this first to be held in Brisbane.  There was a wonderful array of stalls selling clothing, shoes, jewellery, and vintage reproduction items.  Whilst I was not supposed to take photos, I managed to sneak a couple at stalls where they didn't seem to mind.

All the pretty blue dresses - love!!
I loved the embroidery on this pale pink dress

A bit blurry, but I really liked the print on this dress
 I tried on a couple of dresses but they were made for people much taller than my 5'2" and would have required an awful lot of adjustment to fit well.  I think I should just stick with my patterns custom made by me for me.

I bought a few bits and pieces at this stall including a lace collar, and some metres of lace.


There was a wonderful stall with early magazines and kntting patterns.  After much deliberation and editing I narrowed my purchases to these:

Here are a few of my favourite patterns I want to add to my queue, if only I could knit faster.  I seem to only finish about two things a year - does anyone else have this problem?

Not a bad haul and a great day out!


  1. I love these fabulous old patterns, I'm yet to learn how to knit but it's definitely something I want to do.

  2. I have that Fair Isle knit book! I'd love to make the cover knit, the colour work on the sweater is so lovely

    1. Happy to email you the pattern if you like? I am not sure the laws on publishing them online which is why I haven't done it yet

  3. Oh what a fun day.. I love those dresses.. so pretty. And all the pretty trims and books.. FUN, FUN!!!

  4. Not bad at all - I love that lace collar!!