Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Discoveries and a plan

So I have been doing a lot of internet research (some may call it time-wasting) this week and discovered these sites that are going to cause serious distress to my budget plans:

Wonderful retro shoes:

An indie designer with lovely classic lines:

Ok, I discovered this a while a go, but had to share for those that may not be aware. Have your own fabric designs printed, made up and sent to you:

I have also embarked on a sewing plan to get my winter wardrobe on track and have created a terrible looking moodboard/plan using Picasa.

Now I can't say I am overly impressed with Picasa - I had all sorts of ideas in my head of how I wanted this to come out, but it is really not the tool for the job.  I think I need to invest in Photoshop if I want to do this properly.  What does everyone else out there use, and what would you recommend??
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