Saturday, 6 July 2013

How to: Patch Pockets

Finally I have gotten around to writing up how I did my patch pocket on each of my Hollyburn skirts, here and here

On cutting the skirt out, I omitted the pocket shaping on the front pattern piece, instead continuing to cut straight so the front and back pieces looked the same. I would recommend marking them as they are not quite the same.  Of course this pocket treatment could be used on any pattern, I would love to see it with a contrast lining, on a patterned skirt it would be fun to use a plain pocket lining or vice versa.

Making the pockets

Step 1 - Cut x4 pocket pieces in the chosen fabric, mine measured 23cm x 17cm (9" x 6.5"). Place wrong sides together, and sew around the edges leaving an opening approximately 5cm (2"). Trim the seams and corners.


Step 2 - Turn right side out and press, slip stitch the hole closed.
Step 3 - Fold back the flap as desired and press. Place a button hole in the corner of the turn back if you wish. For this version, I just sewed a decorative non-functional button on.


Step 4 - Place pocket pieces on the skirt as desired making sure each side is the same distance from the top and side. Pin.


Step 5 - Stitch around the edges without catching in the flap. I suggest reinforcing the ends with a triangular stitch as the below picture. This part of the pocket gets a lot of stress and is important to strengthen to prevent it tearing.


Voila! Enjoy your new fancy pockets!! If you use this to make your own patch pockets, please share links in the comments, I would love to see.


  1. These are such great pockets!
    I've never put patch pockets on a skirt or dress before but I think I need to know.
    I'll be referring back to this when I do, thanks!

  2. Those pockets are a lot more interesting than the run of the mill patch pockets.

  3. Cute! These are really an adorable detail!