Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Whilst in London I had to check out the V&A Museum, bloggers seem to have meetups there all the time and I have always been super jealous.  I love old clothing particularly from the 18th and 19th centuries and the V&A does not disappoint.

The above dress dates back to the mid 1700s - can you believe this was all made by hand? It must have taken months - it really makes me think about my sewing and how easy we have it in comparison. I wonder what happened if you got sick of a garment half way through making it? I don't think they would have wadded garments!!
18th century gown

Look at the ruffling detail - just beautiful. I would love to make a garment like this, but I certainly wouldn't do it by hand. I just need an excuse to wear it!


I had to take a picture of the inside of this garment - if I made a garment entirely by hand, I don't think mine would be half as tidy!

And for you fellow knitters, check out these socks dated to around 300AD:


If you are ever in London, I thoroughly recommend checking this museum out, it has so many lovely items, not just fashion related too.


  1. I am so glad you have been to the V and A and loved it. I had a day there many years ago and have never forgotten it. I was in paradise and like you, I was amazed by the workmanship (workwomanship) in everything I saw. I remember vividly one dress and sitting beside it was a portrait of a beautiful lady wearing the exact dress and dated in the 1700's. I doubt anything I make and leave behind will survive that number of years.Continue to have a great time in London.

  2. I also fondly remember my visit to V&A back in 1998. It was fascinating to see all those old handmade garments. And the gift shop... Aaaaaahh! I remember wishing I had had more money to spend there.
    Have a good time in London!

  3. SO proud you got to tour the V&A.. and thankyou so much for sharing the lovely photos.. Hope your having lots of fun...

  4. I think the second dress is my favorite! I want it!

  5. Wow. So much amazing. Lucky you!!