Monday, 10 December 2012

Project CPR

This project by Liz of zilredloh prompted me to have a serious think about my accumulating pile of items that need mending or altering.  It seems whenever something of mine has a fault, I chuck it in a pile to be forgotten for ages!



I have two piles, one more obvious than the other, one languishes on my dressform, the other normally stuffed into a shelf (outta sight, outta mind right??).

Setting aside an hour on Sunday morning, I decided to start with a silk top that had developed a hole in the back and hasn't been worn since.

The hole was not super straightforward to mend as the fabric had actually come away at the seam. But lo and behold a few minutes later it was unpicked, sewed back up again and rebound. Job done and in only about 15 minutes! No idea why I didn't do this earlier.


Next on the agenda was my Hazel dress that needed taking in a the waist. I had started unpicking, but given it had been serged, I had gotten lazy and cast it aside.


Check out that bloody great hole - I have had many an occasion when I have wanted to wear this dress but obviously can't with the skirt half off!

I finished unpicking, tedious, I hate unpicking and why wasn't I more critical when I made it and before serging the seams? Anyway, I unpicked, took in the seams, reset the pleats, sewed the skirt back on and hand stitched the lining down. Phew! After a little more than 45 minutes the dress was finished and I wore it out to lunch.


It felt so good to have two things off the pile, I just need to set aside some time this weekend to wipe out a couple more. Thanks for the motivation Liz, just what I needed!!

Anyone else participating in the Project CPR?


  1. Congradulations on removing 2 items from your pile.. I am awful!!!!!!!!! Sometimes, I "hide them away" and really forget them, I hate unpicking anything.. I rather make something new ,than fix something

    1. I am pretty pleased to have wiped out two of many items! Now if I can do this regularly there wil be no pile at all!

  2. Wooohoooo! How awesome that you got 2 things completed so quickly! :)

    I hate to admit, but I have a dress in my stash that has the same issue as yours did. I serged the waist together and I have to unpick all that stitching to take it in. Such a pain but seemed well worth the effort.

    Congrats Liz!

    1. I have a worse item to re-do perhaps this weekend, involves taking off the topstitched waistband - ick!

  3. I hadn't heard of Project CPR, but what a great idea!! Well done on getting two things fixed, and all that unpicking must have been a nightmare. I forced myself to fix the waistband of a skirt a few weeks ago, and I was glad I did, because I love it and wear it a lot. Good luck with the rest of the pile!

    1. Come join in the fun - it is very therapeutic!!

  4. I just recently 'found' quite a few items of clothing that over the last few months I'd thought "where is that .....?" ..... of course, they were in my sewing room waiting for one fix or another. I haven't taken the next step of actually fixing any of them yet, unless you count cutting off 6 inches from the hem of one of my casual knits. Good on you, you're ahead of me.

    1. Just an hour every so often really will get it done eventually! Really expands the wardrobe quite quickly!!!