Sunday, 14 October 2012

I heart NYC

The fabric I purchased on my recent trip to NYC. Mika of Savory Stitches bought the same fabric and I have the end of the roll she didn't buy!  I am pretty sure she is making a winter top, it will be interesting seeing it made for different season! 
There was only one yard left - just enough to eek out this sleeveless top, pattern New Look 6026.
The fabric is silk and has gorgeous tiny hearts all over it - super cute!


Please excuse the wrinkles, I wore the top all day, I think the creases are from the seatbelt!!

I wasn't the biggest fan of this pattern, I made the mistake of following the instructions which to me have a very cumbersome way to put together the arm facings. It required you to put the main arm pieces on, then sew the facings at the outside seam, then to hand stitch the facing down at the same time as tidying up the neck edges.  (sorry for the poor explanation)  I didn't hand sew, I attached the facing down with a neat top stitch.

If I make it again I will construct it my own way.

I really like the version that has the frill on the shoulder, sadly I didn't have enough fabric.
It was about 30 degrees (celcius) today and this was comfortable and cool to wear.  The silk was lovely to sew and very cooperative. I used french seams throughout, mostly because I wasn't sure how my overlocker would cope with the fabric and I didn't want to risk it chewing the fabric.


Other projects I have in the pipeline include a Banksia top (one of 3 planned), a dress and some capris. Plus I just successfully dyed some fabric this week, more on that soon!


  1. I love this blouse.. and the fabric is beautiful.. Happy sewing.

  2. Lovely top - that colour is great on you!

  3. Such cute fabric and love the top on you, it's a really flattering color. It's getting so hot in Brissy, I need to make more breezy tops before it hits 35 degrees again.

  4. This is such a nice top. The print is just the right amount of cute!

  5. Oooh silk... lovely, and such a pretty colour! :)

  6. Really sweet, you made great use of the fabric.