Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Frantic Sewing

Do any of you have an event in the future and then decide you must, absolutely must have a new outfit(s)?  Then you try to break all sewing/knitting speed records to get the objects of your desire completed??

Well, I am doing that a bit now.  I am off away for a few days on Friday and have decided that as the climate in my chosen destination (NYC) is completely different from here in Brisbane, that of course I have nothing to wear!  Now, I am pretty sure that I wore clothes last summer, I don't remember the stares from walking about naked, so why do I need more clothes?  (let's call that a rhetorical question)

Short answer - I don't need new clothes, however I would like them!

Here are the items I cut out last night and hope to finish before my early morning departure on Friday:

Hazel Dress: IMG_1800
V-neck loose fitting top - BurdaStyle 101A 05/2012 IMG_1801
Oversize top - BurdaStyle 07/2011 IMG_1802
These are all pretty simple patterns, but I still don't want to rush the finish. I have started with the Hazel dress. What do you think my chances are of finishing these before I leave? I also work full time, so my time is limited. Still, it is good to have goals right??

Do any of you also do this mad rush before travelling or events?


  1. You're off to the big apple? Lucky you! Sewing for a trip with a looming deadline is my kind of sewing. Love what you've got in progress!

  2. Oh, I'm terrible about starting new projects right up to the last possible second before a trip! I can't remember that last time I went to bed at a reasonable hour before one. Your choices are so cute! Best of luck finishing them and have fun in New York :-)

  3. I always have high hopes to get more sewing done than I should. I think that is why I fell away from sewing for a while. I've come to realize that I like the process too and take it easy with expecting finished garments all the time. It is much more enjoyable to sew now. Good luck with you sewing and have fun in NYC.

  4. There's something about sewing for a trip that makes it more "real"... And I find sewing for an occasion or whatever helps me focus my mind on what's coming up. :)

  5. Update - I finished the Hazel dress and the black floral top - pics when I get back in 10 days or so

  6. I haven't been sewing long enough to have experienced a self-imposed holiday wardrobe deadline. This year it has just worked out that I always have a new dress in time for a trip because of sewalongs, but it's a cool idea, looking ahead into cooler weather. I usually visit my dad in Florida once or twice in winter, so maybe to get out of the doldrums I'll set a goal to make a new warm weather dress to wear down there. See, you've inspired me.

    Have fun in NYC!! Congrats on finishing the Hazel and the floral top. The weather here is perfect for a Hazel right now. Looking forward to pics.

  7. I hope you're having fun in NYC! I'd love to go there one day. Anyways, I just found your blog through another blog. I followed:) If you get the chance pass by my blog & follow back! I'm a fellow sewer, fashion lover, and fashion design student:) Can't wait to read all about your NYC adventures!


  8. I know exactly what you talk about! Was invited to a party on Saturday and a week before that it hit me that I didn't know what to wear. I wanted to wear something me-made, but all my dresses weren't festive enough, so I HAD to make a new one... :) I made it on Wednesday so I had a few days to spare before the party. It turned out great BTW! Good luck with your trip!